Why Is Forklift Safety So Important?

Forklifts are one of the most widely used pieces of heavy machinery across many industries. The forklift is a relatively easy piece of equipment to operate but it is for this reason that it so important for us to maintain good forklift safety practices.

One of the ways we maintain safety within the forklift driving industry here in Western Australia is by ensuring all persons who have access to a forklift have taken an accredited forklift operation course and hold a National High Risk Work Licence for class LF Forklift Truck or LO Order Picking Forklift Truck.

However, you will be expected to hold a forklift licence if you are to be compliant with Australian safety laws.

Forklift in Operation

Why Should I Take a Forklift Course?

Forklifts have the potential to be incredibly dangerous pieces of equipment if they are operated incorrectly. Not only can you cause damage to whatever materials you are using your forklift to maneuver, but you can also hurt people around you and even yourself – think how dangerous it would be to have either loaded the materials incorrectly or loaded over the maximum weight for your forklift.

Between 2014 and 2015, there were 820 recorded accidents involving forklifts in Australia and 9 deaths in the same period. It’s not unheard of for forklifts to cause some serious damage. So, by taking a forklift course, or providing one for your employees, you are helping to eliminate some of that risk.

Who Should Take a Forklift Course?

Anyone who operates a forklift during their regular workday should have gone through a forklift course. These courses, like the Forklift Training LF and Order Picker Forklift Training LO we run here at Nationwide Training, will give you the knowledge you need to operate a forklift safely and correctly.

Some of the things you will learn by taking a forklift safety course are:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Start-Up Checks
  • General Operations
  • Load Assessment
  • WHS Legislation
  • Driving the forklift in forwards and reverse
  • Picking and Placing loads
  • Shut Down and parking Procedures

Understanding the requirements for operating forklifts safely is key to promoting safety in and around forklifts. Forklift safety is so important when it comes to creating a safe environment in the workplace. Minimising damage and injury in the workplace should be at the forefront of all operations. So, if you are looking to gain your forklift licence give Nationwide training a call.

We have been Western Australia’s forklift training provider of choice for years. Our highly experienced trainers can give you all the knowledge and encouragement you need to progress in your career.