Why Forklift Training is Important for Beginners & Advanced Operators

Whether you are starting out as a forklift operator, have acquired advanced skills or if your staff require further development. Forklift Training is key, not only to avoid unnecessary workplace incidents, but to avoid the damaging of stock and the forklift which can be catastrophic.

By Australian Standards, every forklift operator is required to have attained a Forklift Licence with a certified training company such as Nationwide Training before initiating any action on a forklift machine within a workplace. Common misperceptions we have encountered have included experienced operators who have gone years without a refresher course have developed bad habits as part of their normal daily operations. It is important to note, even if you or your staff have acquired their Forklift Training Licence, they are legally required to be deemed competent to use the forklift on an annual basis. 

Why Invest in Forklift Safety Training? 

Improved Productivity Levels – Forklift Operations

Without certified training and the introduction of safety practices, accidents in relation to operating a forklift become apparent at an alarming rate. At a minimum, we have heard of accidents occurring that result in damaged goods worth thousands of dollars. At worst, we have heard of workplace injuries that have heavily impacted a person’s life. When managing a workplace environment your number one concern must always be the welfare of your staff. 

Trained Forklift Personnel will operate with confidence and efficiency in mind. They will seamlessly work safer in a task focused way, allowing them to transfer or transport heavy goods in a steady and prompt manner. 

Now ask yourself, are your forklift operators fully qualified and up-to-date with the latest Forklift Training Procedures? 

Avoid Long Term Costs – Workplace Incidents

Forklifts are an expensive asset to any business so learning to protect them will inevitably reduce repair/replacement costs. Loss of stock due to an incident with a forklift will ensure a large bill. Aside from this, damage caused to the forklift will ensure an even larger bill. Generally, skilled and qualified forklift operators rarely run into accidents as they have the knowledge and skills to avoid them. 

 An affordable fee for a Forklift Training Course with Nationwide Training will not only allow you peace of mind through operations but will also ensure the safety of both your staff and your stock.

Improve Workplace Safety & Staff Morale

Qualified forklift operators will become confident and will be willing to undertake tasks with no hesitation. It is imperative to ensure that only trained operators are allowed to operate within your workplace. The last thing staff members wish to see is an untrained forklift operator navigating heavy goods around the warehouse with no conviction. Introduce confidence in both your forklift operators and your ground floor staff.

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