What Is A Globally Harmonised System Awareness Course (GHS)?

Global Harmonised System of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) was initially developed by the United Nations in order to harmonise the management of chemicals in workplaces around the world.

With a variety of industries now required to handle harmful chemicals, we have introduced this course to ensure the safety of all personnel in direct contact with such substances.

If your workplace handles these chemicals, you may be required by Australian Regulation to complete a Globally Harmonised System Awareness Course.

We conduct this theory-based course in a classroom environment. It presents all learners with an understanding as to the classification of harmful substances and how to safely manage these chemicals safely and efficiently. Our course is designed to inform and educate manufacturers, importers and end users of substances that are classified under the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. This course is ideally suited to Suppliers, Managers, Supervisors and Support personnel who are placed in contact with such chemicals.

Every course we provide is done so through highly qualified and experienced professionals who understand that real situations require real solutions. Rest assured Nationwide Training is Perth’s trusted industry training provider.

GHS Course Content

Within this course we explore an overview of the GHS, the GHS hazard classifications, Signal words to aid management of these substances, GHS precautionary statements, Labelling design and layout. Our awareness course includes all updates with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and their content and layout and relevance to GHS.

Globally Harmonised Awareness Course – Time Required

We understand that busy work environments cannot afford to delegate time to lengthy training courses. Thus, this short 3-hour course ensures each trainee can return to their place of work in confidence within half a day. Following the completion of this course you will receive a “Record of Participation” issued directly to you by a Nationwide Training instructor.

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