MSA20107 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing

Did you know you can employ a full time secondary school student on a part time basis and have them participate in a traineeship at the same time?

Traineeship Eligibility

Students are required to:

  • Be a full time secondary student completing year 11 or 12
  • Enter into an agreement with the employer to undertake a traineeship
  • Have permission from their school to complete the traineeship
  • Have the competencies achieved in the traineeship recognised in their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)
  • Be a minimum of 15 years of age
  • Sign a training contract with their employer, guardian, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Convert the traineeship if the trainee is still participating from school based to part time or full time on completion of year 12

In order for a student to complete the school based traineeship, the student is required to be deemed competent by employer and RTO.

Employer Incentives

The employer will receive:

  • $1,250.00 six (6) months after commencement of Certificate II plus an additional $750.00 school based incentive
  • $1,500.00 six (6) months after commencement of Certificate III plus an additional $750.00 school based incentive and $2,500.00 on completion

School based trainee’s are payroll tax exempt.

Course Fees

There are no course fees for school based traineeships.

Qualification Structure

A total of fourteen (14) units are required for this qualification.

The following three (3) core units must be completed:


  • MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • MSAPMOHS200A Work safely
  • MSAPMSUP210A Process and record information

The following eleven (11) units must be completed:


  • MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations
  • MSAPMOPS102A Perform tasks to support production
  • MSAPMOPS200A Operate equipment
  • MSAPMSUP100A Apply workplace procedures
  • MSAPMSUP101A Clean workplace or equipment
  • MSAPMSUP102A Communicate in the workplace
  • MSAPMSUP106A Work in a team
  • MSAPMSUP201A Receive or despatch goods
  • MSAPMSUP230A Monitor process operations
  • MSAPMSUP240A Undertake minor maintenance
  • PMBHAN103C Shift materials safely by hand

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