Transport and Logistics Traineeships

Traineeship Information for Employers in Perth

What is a Traineeship?

  • Traineeships are part of the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeships Initiative.
  • On successful completion of Nationwide Trainings traineeship the employees will receive a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Training is conducted on the job to ensure workplace and industry practices are trained and assessed.
  • Traineeships offer employers a convenient and cost effective means of training their staff.
  • Nationwide Training offer a range of traineeships including Process Manufacturing, Warehousing Operations and Driving Operations.

What are the benefits of a traineeship?

  • Generous government incentives may be available for eligible workers.
  • Convenient and flexible training delivered on your site.*
  • Training can be customised to your organisational needs.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency in your workplace.
  • Benefit from our trainer’s extensive industry experience.
    *Most traineeship units are delivered on your site. It may be necessary for employees to attend off site training to complete units such as forklift, CoR, Load Restraint, Dangerous Goods and Manual Handling. This is only necessary if these units are selected as part of the traineeship.

What type of employees are eligible to participate?

Any employee can participate in a traineeship. However, not all employees are eligible for government incentives and registration.

For the purposes of participating in a traineeship, employees can be classified as follows:

  • New Entrants – Have been employed for less than 3 months fulltime or 12 months part time.

If a learner is not eligible for government incentives or government subsidies but you wish to put them through the traineeship program we can arrange this for you on a fee for service basis. Please contact us to find out more.

What government incentives are available?

Employer cash incentives may be available for new workers registered as trainees. Enquiries can be made to Nationwide Training, your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network or The Apprenticeship Office.

Employers may also be eligible for incentives from both the federal and state government up to $8,250.00

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

Allowing the learner to be available for monthly training and assessment activities that are conducted in the workplace.
Ensure the learner receives appropriate support in the work environment, to develop the knowledge and skills required in the training program.
Provide appropriate facilities including access to the workplace and equipment to train the learner.
Allow the learner to attend off site training as required. For example, if forklift or dangerous goods units are chosen as part of the traineeship.

Traineeship Information for Learners in Perth

What is a traineeship?

Traineeships offer employees the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised qualification while working. The traineeship is a training contract between you, your employer and the state government via The Apprenticeship Office.

Reasons to do a traineeship

  • A nationally recognised qualification on completion.
  • Completing your qualification on the job. Earn while you learn.
  • A better understanding of your workplace and the current industry practices.
  • A career pathway to further qualifications and job roles.

Why choose Nationwide Training?

Nationwide Training has been providing traineeships to Western Australian business since 2003. During this time we have been a leader in meeting industry training needs.

We only employ industry experienced trainers to ensure that our learners receive a relevant and enjoyable experience. From store persons, truck drivers, process workers, supervisors and managers our traineeships have got your industry covered.

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