Traineeships Perth

Nationwide Training are proud to offer a range of Transport and Logistics Traineeships, Warehouse Traineeships and Supply Chain Traineeships, including:

Throughout each of these Traineeships, each candidate will be trained by experienced professionals within these fields. On-the-job training ensures all educated theory is tested practically to ensure the highest level of competence upon completion of the selected course.

Our Traineeship range offers employers a cost effective and efficient way of training their staff as per Australian Standards. In some cases where an employee has been employed for a time period of less than 3 months full-time or 12 months part-time, incentives through the Australian Government may be offered.

For more information regarding the eligibility of employers for these incentives click here.

Why Traineeships are growing in demand – Employers

Staff Competence & Production

Traineeships provide an education through theory based and practical activities that are designed to upskill candidates joining, or currently operating within an industry sector. They provide real-life solutions for real-life industry encounters. Along with ensuring a high level of safety through operations, traineeships boost staff morale and production rates – increasing the efficiency of your business operations.

Government Incentives

Cash incentives are offered to employers from the state and federal governments to assist with engaging employees and providing a traineeship training pathway. Also available to employers is a 50% wage subsidy up to $7,000.00 per quarter per employee signed up for a traineeship.

Convenience & Flexibility

Most Traineeships training and assessment is delivered at your workplace and include classroom based skills courses such as forklift, load restraint, dangerous goods and more.

Why Traineeships are growing in demand – Employees

Industry Qualification

Candidates who complete Traineeships gain a nationally recognised qualification – inevitably increasing their skills and knowledge within the industry – improving your employability.

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