Traineeships in Supply Chain Warehousing Operations

Finding a job that can stand the test of time, no matter the curveballs sent your way, can be a tricky decision. That’s where careers in the supply chain as a warehouse storeperson come in and a traineeship in supply chain warehousing operations can get you off to a great start.

Supply Chain Warehouse with Forklift

What is supply chain and what kind of jobs can I get?

Supply chain is a career choice that has a vast number of job titles and responsibilities. Such as:

  • Product Allocation
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Delivery

And all the other jobs involved in these processes that keep the supply chain ticking. Supply chain careers have high projected growth expectations over the next few years so there’s very little chance of slim picking when it comes to this kind of career choice.

There are over 3,000 supply chain warehousing job postings on LinkedIn alone right now!

Why should you consider committing yourself to a traineeship in supply chain operations?
Read our top 5 reasons to find out.

1. High Pay

Supply chain management is a high-paying job with the average supply chain salary in Australia at $102,000. Entry-level positions are regularly found at the $80,000 mark and a traineeship will give you the skills you need to be able to confidently take on a career with this kind of opportunity. Ref.

2. Low Entry Barrier

Entry into the supply chain management field doesn’t require a degree. There are not many career choices that can say that especially with the high-level salaries you can command in this field.

There are a few job titles that may need job-specific degrees, but most are open to anyone with the willingness and drive to grow. Having completed a traineeship in supply chain operations before applying for jobs can give you that extra leg up that some other applicants may lack.

3. Local Job Availability

The fantastic thing about a career in supply chain warehousing is that there are plenty of job opportunities that will be local to you. It won’t be necessary, in most cases, to relocate to score a high-paying career in logistics.

If you have a hobby or interest in something there is a company that stores, distributes and supply these things like flowers, car parts, timber, toys, fabrics, even food for example.

4. Industry Option Variety

Specialising in an industry-specific sub-sector is entirely possible. Some popular sectors include:

. Wholesaling

. Warehousing

. Postal Services

Your place of employment can also vary greatly depending on whether you are working within a small organisation, a large corporation, local or national government entities, or even a not-for-profit organisation.

5. Personal Job Satisfaction

The versatility of a career in supply chain means you can find a job with a company or organisation that gives you more than the high-paying wage packet but also satisfaction with where you work.

You also won’t have to fear job losses because supply chain careers are very steady forms of employment. The demand is always increasing due to population growth.


A career in logistics and supply chain can be incredibly rewarding and we here at Nationwide Training want to help you get a career that supports and excites you. With our supply chain traineeship, we can give you all the tools you need to start your promising career in supply chain.

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