The Importance of GHS Training

What is GHS?

GHS directly translates to Globally Harmonised System. GHS was developed officially in 2016, with the aim of creating a globalised standard for the classification of chemicals. GHS was introduced to create a generalised and widely accessible labelling system to aid the transportation of goods from various countries to one another, without the need to separately label each load upon arrival. With this standard, it removes the opportunity for goods to be labelled incorrectly, which could potentially lead to accidents or misplacement of goods. By utilising this standard, the global transportation of goods can now be conducted with clarity, reducing potential risks from occurring in each country. GHS labelling outlines the hazards of the goods Dangerous or Hazardous.

Governed by the United Nations, this system is now a legal requirement for the transportation of goods in many states. The system is also supported voluntarily by companies world-wide – following the recognition of the benefits of the system. Along with easing the classification process of goods, the GHS has facilitated seamless transportations due to the universally recognised labels. When considering transporting goods with these labels, many language barriers would lead to severe time implications, essentially slowing down all deliveries in and out of countries/states.

The one centralised Globally Harmonised System enables companies worldwide involved in the logistics and transport and warehouse sectors to operate educated and safely with these labels as easy to recognise guides. GHS has been recognised as the most cost effective and efficient way to transport harmful goods across various borders with minimal inspection times.

Companies that utilise the GHS also provide a safe working environment for their employees along with ensuring their goods are transported in a time-efficient manner.

Nationwide Training GHS Course 

Nationwide Training provides a GHS Training Course which is designed for manufacturers, importers, and all workers that operate under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations. Our GHS training Perth is also useful for Suppliers, Managers, Supervisors and Support Personnel who come into contact with or are responsible for Hazardous Chemicals in their workplace. Within this course, both employers and employees will learn about the Classification of Hazardous Chemicals and the required Communication of these Hazards, along with standardised safety precautions to utilise when in contact with harmful goods.

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