Nationwide Training Dangerous Goods Storage & Handling Manual

$33.00 (inc. GST)

This code of practice book outlines the measures focussed on the Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods. This code outlines the safety approved measures to action when in contact with such products. Risk management is key in relation to the movement of potentially Harmful Goods.

This manual is specifically designed for logistical industries dealing with Dangerous Goods. Each driver should have an updated Nationwide Training Version of this manual. The Manual’s code applies to all workplaces in contact with goods classified under “Dangerous Goods” in accordance to Australian Standards. All procedures in relation to containment and risk reduction of Harmful Spillages are included.

A must have for companies and individuals who store Dangerous Goods in bulk. The manual complies with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7.

Areas Covered:

Identification of Dangerous Goods
Risk Management
Storage & Handling
Retail Storage & Sales
Control Measures
Transit Storage & Training