Australian Emergency Response Guide Book 2018/2021

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***This Guidebook has been superseded with a 2021 version. We are awaiting the publisher to print the new version. Any order from today forward will receive the 2021 version once they are in stock. We hope to receive them in 2021***

The Australian Emergency Response Guide Book 2018 is intended for use by first responders and legislated that drivers carrying a Placard load of Dangerous Good MUST have this document or equivalent in the Emergency Information Holder during a transportation incident involving dangerous goods.

It is a must have necessity for every truck that transports Dangerous Goods in a placarded load and can be used in replacement of the HB76:2010 Dangerous Goods – Initial Emergency Response Guide

The guide will ensure that every truck driver is educated on how to with Dangerous Goods spills, fire, first aid etc for all 9 classes of Dangerous Goods. This guide also provides information on hazards, protective clothing and emergency procedures such as evacuation distances required in the event of a fire or Dangerous Goods spill. It has been produced by the Australian Federal Government Agency, The Competent Authority Panel (CAP).

Avoid risk where possible and ensure a copy of this emergency guide is present in each truck cab before departure.

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