Australian and New Zealand Emergency Response Guide Book 2021, A5 size

$44.00 (inc. GST)

The Australian and New Zealand Emergency Response Guide Book 2021 is intended for use by first responders and legislated that drivers carrying a Placard load of Dangerous Good MUST have this document or equivalent in the Emergency Information Holder during a transportation incident involving dangerous goods. This glove box sized edition has become an easily stored and accessible staple that drivers can refer to within seconds for guidance.

It is a must have necessity for every truck that transports Dangerous Goods in a placarded load and can be used in replacement of the HB76:2010 Dangerous Goods – Initial Emergency Response Guide

The guide will ensure that every truck driver is educated on how to with Dangerous Goods spills, fire, first aid etc for all 9 classes of Dangerous Goods. This guide also provides information on hazards, protective clothing and emergency procedures such as evacuation distances required in the event of a fire or Dangerous Goods spill. It has been produced by the Australian Federal Government Agency, The Competent Authority Panel (CAP).

Avoid risk where possible and ensure a copy of this emergency guide is present in each truck cab before departure.

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