Forklift Licence Renewal

We frequently receive questions in relation to the renewal of outdated forklift licences across W.A. “My forklift licence has expired, what should I do?”

In most cases, it is a simple process of re-applying and paying for your new Licence online with The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

Forklift Licence Renewal - Nationwide Training Perth

Both the Forklift Truck (LF) and the Forklift Truck (LO) licences are valid for a total of 5 years in Australia. Once your licence has expired you can no longer drive and operate a forklift. Your licence must be renewed to continue to drive and operate a forklift.

Steps to renew your forklift licence

To renew your forklift licence, without having to re-train and complete another forklift training assessment. Simply renew your forklift licence within a 12-month period of its expiration date.

You can renew your forklift license online with The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website. You will require your High Risk Work Licence number, email address or registered mobile phone number, valid credit card and a current passport photo.

In Western Australia High Risk Work Licence holders have an additional 12 months to renew their High Risk Work Licence. After the initial 12 months of expiry period the licence holder has another 12 months to renew their High Risk Work Licence this renewal must be made by contacting WorkSafe WA and providing evidence of competence via a statutory declaration from their employer, or a refresher training course certification or a verification of Competency certification from a Registered Training Organisation.

Failure to renew a forklift licence will result in you needing to complete our 1 Day Forklift Training Course or 2 Day Forklift Training Course and subsequently repeat the licensing assessment.

In order to renew your already existing forklift licence, you will need the following documentation:

  1. Your High-Risk Work Licence No.
  2. Associated Email Address and Mobile Phone No.
  3. Credit Card – in order to make the required payment.
  4. Clear Digital Photo in line with the stated specifications.

For more information on the documentation required to renew your forklift licence, click here.

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