Forklift Course: What you need to know

Nationwide Training has been acknowledged as the preferred Forklift Training Provider in Perth for over 20 years. Our centrally located training centre in Osborne Park provides covered training facilities with comfortable training rooms and Free Parking. Our Forklift Training Courses benefit both Beginner & Experienced forklift operators in all workplace environments.

Choosing a Forklift Training Course

When deciding on a Forklift Training Course, it is important to firstly identify the correct course for your requirements whilst taking into account the credibility of the training course provider. In order to aid the decision-making process when considering a Forklift Training Course, Nationwide Training have identified key points to consider below.

Training Forklift Operators Reduce Risk

Like any mechanical handling equipment, forklifts, when in the wrong hands, can be extremely dangerous in any environment. In many instances where forklifts are operated by untrained employees with the hope of a reduction in costs by not providing formal forklift training, incidents occur that inevitably cost the company more due to machine, structures and product damage. Forklifts are extremely heavy machines that require comprehensive training for an array of reasons including; safety operations, turning, loading/unloading and the movement of a load with counterbalance activation.

When considering how an untrained staff member operates a forklift, they are essentially learning with a valuable load. If picked up incorrectly, moved too quickly or the correct procedures are not actioned, the results could be fatal not only to the product load, but also the assigned operator and any bystanders.

In many cases, experienced licensed forklift operators believe they are fully qualified after one course. However, over time, poor habits develop and industry approved forklift operating skills change, thus, we recommend all experienced forklift operators to take part in a refresher forklift course or a verification of competency.

Forklift Training Benefits

Why forklift training is a fundamental requirement in many workplace environments. Firstly, it is required by Australian Standards and legislation that all forklift operators are fully trained and hold a valid High Risk Work Licence. Thereafter, trained forklift operators increase the productivity of a workplace, ensure product load safety, enhance operations through efficiency and ensure the safety of all personnel within close proximity of a moving forklift.

Types of Forklift Licence

Forklift Licences come in two classes, Forklift Licence LF & Order Picker Forklift Licence LO.

Forklift Licence LF: this licence will permit you to operate any forklift with the exception of an order picker/stock picker.

Forklift Licence LO: this licence will permit you to operate only an order picker/stock picker.

Nationwide Forklift Training Courses

Nationwide Training provides both the LF and LO Forklift Training Courses. Each course is presented through an experienced and qualified forklift trainer. With exceptional quality training forklift and order picker machines.

How long are Forklift Training Courses?

Both Nationwide Training Courses are available in Beginner or Advanced formats and are completed within 1-2 days.

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