Administer Chain of Responsibility – Level 2

All companies in Western Australia are required to ensure they have systems and processes in place to cover their responsibilities for the safe transportation of goods under the Chain of Responsibility in Western Australia. This course is suitable for supervisors, managers, compliance officers and/or safety officers to ensure CoR is being administered and monitored.

Apply Chain of Responsibility – Level 1

All workers involved with the transportation of goods have a responsibility to ensure the goods do not breach the Road traffic laws in Western Australia for height, width, length and weight of the vehicle and its load, the load is secured as per the Load Restraint Guide and all freight containers are transported with a […]

Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

This course is suitable for commercial vehicle drivers, schedulers, supervisors and managers working in transport industry in Western Australia. Driver fatigue is a major safety hazard for all drivers. Fatigue crashes tend to be severe with little or no braking or avoidance action. The risk of death or serious injury to a driver and passenger […]

Chain of Responsibility Information Session – Introduction

Nationwide Training offers four courses in Chain of Responsibility CoR. What is Chain of Responsibility? Chain of responsibility is a policy used in Australian transport legislation to place legal obligations on parties in the transport supply chain or across transport industries in general. A general 1 hour information session that provides an overview of CoR. […]

Dangerous Goods Awareness

Dangerous Goods are present in many workplaces today. With the implementation of Chain of Responsibility laws in Western Australia do you know enough about the Dangerous Goods that your workplace buys, stores, receives or uses? This course is designed for Managers, Supervisors and Support personnel who come into contact with or are responsible for consignment, […]

Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence

Transporting bulk DANGEROUS GOODS by road in Australia requires a Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence. Attend and complete a 2 day training course with Nationwide Training to apply for a National Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence in Western Australia. Nationwide Training is Endorsed by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety (DMIRS) to conduct Dangerous Goods […]

Dangerous Goods Loader Awareness

This course is designed for anyone involved in the loading/unloading of Dangerous Goods transported by road and is compliant with Chain of Responsibility.

Dangerous Goods Storage & Handling

Training is essential to comply with OHS and Chain of Responsibility legislation. Dangerous Goods storage and handling is an excellent training course for companies and individuals to learn what is required when dealing with Dangerous Goods in the workplace. This course is designed for Personnel working with the storage and handling of dangerous goods.

Explosives Transport Driver Licence

This course is suitable for commercial vehicle drivers who wish to transport explosives by road in Australia and are seeking to renew their Explosives Driver Licence with DMIRS. If you are not a current Explosives Driver Licence holder then you must successfully complete the 2 day Dangerous Goods Driver Licence course before the Explosives Driver […]

Forklift Training LF

Nationwide Training has been the preferred forklift training provider in Perth for more than 20 years. Centrally located in Osborne Park providing undercover training facilities with comfortable training rooms and free parking. Nationwide Training will provide FREE passport photos and submit your application to WorkSafe on your behalf at no added cost. We pride ourselves […]

Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Awareness

Globally Harmonised System or GHS was developed by the United Nations to give a formal structure globally to the management of chemicals within the workplace. Hazardous Chemicals are present in many workplaces today. Do you know enough about the Hazardous Chemicals that your workplace manufactures, buys, stores, receives or uses? This course is designed for […]

Load Restraint

This 1 day in depth load restraint training course covers the requirements of securing loads to utes, trucks, trailers, freight containers or any vehicle that transports goods by road in Western Australia. The load restraint course is suitable for all vehicle drivers, freight handlers and company managers/supervisors in charge of transport operations.

Load Restraint Awareness

This theory only awareness course is an introduction/overview of load restraint requirements within the transport and logistics industry. The course covers the theory requirements of securing loads to freight containers or any vehicle that transports goods by road in Australia and is suitable for anyone who is required to understand load restraint requirements in the […]

Manual Handling for Industry

It is essential all employees are trained to move goods correctly and safely in the workplace. This course is suitable for anyone working in the transport and logistics industry. Our Manual Handling for Industry Training covers topics relating to, risk assessment when relocating loads, how to plan for the relocation and principles of correct lifting […]

Safe Load Program

When transporting bulk fuels in Australia a Safe Load Pass is required. Complete a 4 hour classroom based theory session either in person at Nationwide Training or remotely log into a scheduled course using SKYPE from where ever you are in Western Australia.

Verification of Competency (VOC) Forklift, Order Picker, MR, HR

Forklift drivers are required to have their forklift operating skills assessed on an annual basis and in some cases when renewing High Risk Work Licenses. Nationwide Training can conduct VoC assessments on Counter balance forklifts, reach forklifts, order picker forklifts, container handler forklifts and other Mechanical Handling Equipment.