Boost Employee Morale with Industry Training

Training, learning and development all play major roles in employee morale in every industry. Studies have shown that employers who provide career-enhancing training programs and courses for their employees receive higher levels of productivity in the respective field of which the training has been provided. Industry training courses in Perth have become a popular means of boosting employee morale, in conjunction with attaining higher levels of productivity.

Western Australian employers have recognised the demand employees are placing on their employers to provide upskill training in order to help their career development. Over the past 20 years of industry training delivery, we have seen steady growth in many sectors of our training courses. What was once a service that helped employees to gain employment, has now become a service that helps employers to retain their employees through upskilling course providers such as that of Nationwide Training. Our nationally accredited courses that include; Forklift Training LF, Order Picker Forklift LO, Dangerous Goods Driver’s License, Load Restraint, and Chain of Responsibility to name but a few, have become highly sought after training courses across W.A.

Why Employers are Choosing Nationwide Training

Aside from our renowned, recognised and reputable services. Our full range of industry training courses extend through all industry sectors across Australia. Our course trainers are carefully sought-after professional individuals with accredited certifications and real-life experience in their respective field. We understand that training goes far beyond that of reading a booklet of standardised practices. We teach each course participant the skills required to act safely and professionally in unusual instances as well as those of common occurrences.

Training courses have become the foundations of career growth. In a time where employee morale is low, providing time-efficient and affordable industry training courses is a proven way to boost this aspect of your business.


Do your employees really need Industry Training?

Nationwide Training has compiled a short checklist of which unsure employers can refer to in instances where they are unsure if their employees require industry training courses or not.

Has your employee’s skillset remained at the same level for more than 6 months? If so, are they really performing at the highest level possible for their given role, or can their skillset be improved? This is also apparent in instances where new employees have recently begun a new role. Question whether or not they require, or if they would benefit from another training course – more often than not, the answer is yes! Our training courses are comprehensive and are provided with industry benefits in mind. Worried about the time aspect? One day of training will inevitably result in one-day loss of earnings. However, the skillset they will adopt could see new industry practices that will help your business thrive into a more efficient and market-leading way of business.

Acknowledge your employee’s role and the room for improvement within their role. Creating an efficient means of conducting business will inevitably save your business both time and money – two of the most valuable aspects of a business. Our one day courses ensure that your employees are back to work, upskilled and able to perform at a higher level in less than 24hours – now that’s efficiency. In fact, some of our informative sessions such as our Chain of Responsibility Awareness Course run for less than 4 hours, meaning your full team are back in action just after their lunch break!

Regularly ensuring your employees are valued is key in every successful business. In order for your workforce to become invested in their job, which leads to higher production – they must feel appreciated. Offering upskilling courses is one of the most influential ways to boost employee morale in every industry sector. It shows that you truly care for your employees and their career development.

Providing industry training courses will;

  • Improve Employee Performance, Retention Rates & Growth.
  • Increase Engagement both within your business and to customers.
  • Address Internal Weaknesses.

A happy workforce reflects a happy customer base.

Choose a suitable time to develop your workforce’s skillset, morale and productivity with Nationwide Training by viewing our Course Calendar.

For more information, Contact our team to explore our course specifications, or to talk to one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers. Click here to view our full range of industry training courses now.