4 Common Forklift Mistakes to Avoid

Operating a forklift can be a difficult and unnerving task for untrained personnel. Given the capacity at which these machines operate, even experienced operators can sometimes make mistakes. Thus, we are here to help identify these mistakes to help forklift operators avoid these occurrences and take the necessary steps to prevent these instances. Of course, […]

Boost Employee Morale with Industry Training

Training, learning and development all play major roles in employee morale in every industry. Studies have shown that employers who provide career-enhancing training programs and courses for their employees receive higher levels of productivity in the respective field of which the training has been provided. Industry training courses in Perth have become a popular means […]

Forklift Course: What you need to know

Nationwide Training has been acknowledged as the preferred Forklift Training Provider in Perth for over 20 years. Our centrally located training centre in Osborne Park provides covered training facilities with comfortable training rooms and Free Parking. Our Forklift Training Courses benefit both Beginner & Experienced forklift operators in all workplace environments. Choosing a Forklift Training […]

Forklift Licence Renewal

We frequently receive questions in relation to the renewal of outdated forklift licences across W.A. “My forklift licence has expired, what should I do?” In most cases, it is a simple process of re-applying and paying for your new Licence online with The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website. Both the Forklift Truck […]

The Importance of GHS Training

What is GHS? GHS directly translates to Globally Harmonised System. GHS was developed officially in 2016, with the aim of creating a globalised standard for the classification of chemicals. GHS was introduced to create a generalised and widely accessible labelling system to aid the transportation of goods from various countries to one another, without the […]

Topics Covered In Our Forklift Training Course

For over 20 years, Nationwide Training has been providing industry training across Western Australia with comprehensive, educational and informative industry training courses, in line with Australian Standards. Why complete a Forklift Training Course with Nationwide Training? Forklift Training LF We offer a complete Forklift Training Course based on either a single, or 2 day training requirement. […]

Traineeships Perth

Nationwide Training are proud to offer a range of Transport and Logistics Traineeships, Warehouse Traineeships and Supply Chain Traineeships, including: TLI30319 Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations TLI40619 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations TLI31216 Certificate III in Driving Operations (Heavy General Freight) TLI31216 Certificate III in Driving Operations (Bus) Throughout each of these Traineeships, each […]

Warehouse Operations Traineeship

Key Skills for Warehouse Storepersons Considering both the variety and physical aspects of many warehouse roles, warehouse managers seek employees that uphold key characteristics including independence, initiative, reliance, motivation and of course a hard work ethic. Given that warehouse operations are expected to run seamlessly and at a high level of efficiency, the hiring of […]

What Is A Globally Harmonised System Awareness Course (GHS)?

Global Harmonised System of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) was initially developed by the United Nations in order to harmonise the management of chemicals in workplaces around the world. With a variety of industries now required to handle harmful chemicals, we have introduced this course to ensure the safety of all personnel in direct […]

Why Choose Nationwide Training Perth?

Industry training is a requirement in almost all operational workplaces. Health and Safety is one of the key areas where training is vital. We therefore see many professionals needing to regularly update their industry skills and knowledge through industry training programs such as those available at Nationwide Training in Osborne Park. Why Choose us? Nationwide […]

Why Forklift Training is Important for Beginners & Advanced Operators

Whether you are starting out as a forklift operator, have acquired advanced skills or if your staff require further development. Forklift Training is key, not only to avoid unnecessary workplace incidents, but to avoid the damaging of stock and the forklift which can be catastrophic. By Australian Standards, every forklift operator is required to have […]